Flying Metal Diaries – Ep1 „The Event“

This three part video blog series, „Flying Metal Diaries“, shows you inside the world of the Flying Metal Crew and how a bunch of mountain bikers organize events, build trails and party together.

3000 pallets, 1000 square meters of dirt, 200 volunteers, 10 days of build up and one shared vision, that’s the Swatch Rocket Air!
In 2009, a number of mountain bikers in Thun came together and thought of a new use for the local ice rink. That’s when Swatch Rocket Air was born and for the last six years they have been transforming the ice rink into a slopestyle freak fest attracting almost 10,000 spectators. But before the real fun can start, there are months of planning and construction of the course. The first episode of the Flying Metal Diaries shows what happens behind the scenes, and how the crew plans, builds and parties together.

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